River of Life Facet


This bead left the collection in 2019.

Glittery like a diamond. Dive into it and live a happy life.

River of Life Facet is a facetted glass bead that gives a great splash of colour when designing your Trollbeads jewellery.
Style the River of Life Facet bead on a gorgeous Sterling Silver Bracelet with the Sterling Silver Lock or on a Sterling Silver Bangle, Copper Bangle, Gold Plated Bangle or leather bracelet – single or double.
You could also use the cool River of Life Facet bead on a Sterling Silver Foxtail Necklace, Changeable Fantasy Necklace, Sterling Silver Neck Bangle or Sterling Silver Fantasy Necklace with choice of gemstone including Malachite, White Pearl, Rosa Pearl or Black Onyx to make a cheerful statement.
The River of Life Facet bead can also be used on a Sterling Silver Ring of Change. The colours of the bead makes it easy to match any outfit.

Main Material: Glass

Designer: neetu gupta

Weight: 0.002 kg

SKU: TGLBE-30005

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