With vivid colours, unique shapes and sparkling beauty, Gemstones are some of mother nature's most treasured creations.

Born under enormous pressure since the dawn of time, pieces of raw rocks are dug out of the crust of the earth and made into exquisite jewellery of timeless beauty. There are many stones in the Trollbeads collection. Apart from their sparkling beauty, each individual stone has meaning and significance. Rose quartz opens your heart. Labradorite attracts strength and perseverance. Obsidian helps you to let go of feelings of anger and sorrow.


Trollbeads only work with natural gemstones of the highest quality possible, and this is what makes Trollbeads gemstones unique. Due to natures very own design, the stones will vary in colour and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty. You will never find two identical stones.

The gemstones used in the Trollbeads collection are carefully selected based on where the best raw materials can be obtained. The same stones might be found several places in the world, and the colours will vary from one deposit to another. We always look for the brightest and most interesting colours and combinations of colours.


When making gemstone beads, a small chunk of the natural stone is sanded by hand on a sanding wheel. As the stone is sanded into the right size, it is also being rounded, and the hole in the middle is drilled with a diamond drill. Most of Trollbeads gemstone beads are facetted with 154 facets - all made by hand. At last, the silver core is mounted in the middle.

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