A timeless treasure

Discover the magical monthly flowers from Trollbeads. Each Bead carries a small treasure; turn it to discover where the little white pearl is hidden.

Each exquisite flower is beautifully crafted in sterling silver with intricate details highlighted by an oxidation and polishing process. In addition to the elegant beauty of the bead, it also symbolizes the flower of the month. Find a meaningful gift or treat yourself to a Trollbeads flower of the month - the perfect choice to celebrate a birthday.

Incorporate the beauty of nature and the meaning of your birth month flower into your everyday life with Trollbead's month flower jewelery bead. These beads are exquisite and at the same time symbolize a personal story about you and the month you were born. Whether you're building on a new bracelet or expanding an existing one, the Trollbeads monthly flowers add a touch of elegance and sentimentality to your collection.

Start your Trollbeads journey with a monthly bracelet and let it blossom as you add more and more beads as a beloved part of your jewelery collection. Embrace the magic of Trollbeads, where each bead is an opportunity for you to express your style and your story.