Every Story has a Bead…

At Trollbeads we have been making beautiful handmade treasures since we started in 1976. Over that time we have created many hundreds of beautiful and different bead designs, all of which we are very proud to have created.

Many of our original beads are proudly still in production – still available now for you to enjoy and collect. However, from time to time we will retire certain beads form our collection which means we will stop producing them for commercial sale. When this happens we still want you to be able to remember their individuality and beauty, so they are put into our Trollbeads Museum and marked as RETIRED on our site and can no longer be purchased once they sell out.

When a bead is about to be retired we will let you know so that of you would like to still buy them you will still have a limited chance – they will be in our ‘last chance’ collection until they sellout.

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