An illustration of a Trollbeads necklace showing different milestones associated with different beads.

Trollbeads interchangeable jewellery pieces allow you to create your own one-of-a-kind look. We believe that our lives are made of stories, memories and moments. Carry them with you always, with Trollbeads.

3 Steps to Trollbeads

1. Choose a Carrier

Whether you prefer a bracelet, bangle, necklace or ring - you can use them all with our stunning bead range.

2. Choose a Lock

A bracelet or necklace requires a lock. For bangles, selecting two spacers will keep your beads in place while creating an aesthetically pleasing design.

3. Choose Beads

Are you celebrating a milestone, or wish to be reminded of a special experience? Select a bead that represents your memory or occasion.

Ready to Wear

Prefer a ready-to-wear piece? Discover a Trollbeads treasure you can wear with pride instantly. Each can be added to and personalised to make your own story.

How to Trollbeads