Happy Flowers Bead


She is for joy. For fun. For comfort. And caring. She is the one who is always there. She is love and sunshine. Who?

Our mother! Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient history. All over the world, women are being celebrated on Mother's Day.

Mother is soft, caring and sweet, and at the same time she is the strongest and most powerful person in our lives. Let's celebrate her with joy and happiness. Let's celebrate her with Happy Flowers. And let her know that 'Every story has a bead'.

Happy Flowers is a handmade, facetted limited edition glass bead in feminine colours.Trollbeads is the original, high-quality bead-on-bracelet concept offering hundreds of beautiful beads – each bead is a little piece of art and tell a different story. Every mother has a different story to tell. Find the most suitable bead for her on Mother’s Day. 

Main Material: Glass

Designer: neetu gupta

Weight: 0.003 kg

SKU: TGLBE-30085

Ships within a business day

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