Atom of Unity Bead
Harmony Lily Bead
Lifelong Companion Bead
Love in Bloom Bead
Loyal Journey Bead
Blue Iris Bloom Bead
Winged Unity Bead
Garden of Affections Bead
Cosmic Connection Bead
Bubble Drift Bead
Collective Sparkle Bead
Wings of Passion Bead
Wings of Serenity Bead
Wings of Success Bead
Wings of Energy Bead
Tranquil Tiger Pendant
Playful Companions Spacer
Boundless Protection Bead
Boundless Joy Bead
Pumpkin of Courage Bead
Purrfectly Relaxed Spacer
Acorn Dreams Bead
Little Lionheart Bead
Precious Paws Bead
Fearless Bead
Boundless Compassion Tassel
Boundless Love Tassel
Boundless Loyalty Tassel
Boundless Enthusiasm Tassel
Acorn Dreams Clasp
Cattitude in Motion Clasp
Dreams of Unity Necklace
Leaves of Strength Studs
Leaves of Positivity Studs
Round Blue Goldstone Bead
Round Brown Goldstone Bead
Round Blue Agate Bead
Round Light Blue Agate Bead
Small Collectors Travel Box, Midnight Blue
Transparency & Reflections Kit
Layers of Intuition & Wisdom Bead
Layers of Strengths & Confidence Bead
Layers of Curiosity & Energy Bead
Layers of Hope & Desire Bead
Layers of Highs & Lows Bead
Layers of Past & Present Bead
Seagrass Bead
Water Flow Bead
Sand Grooves Bead
Sand Grains Bead
Mermaid Reflections Bead
Steady Pace Bead
Force of Life Bead
In Memory Bead
Long Life Bead
Pendant of Calm
Luxury Scroll Travel Case
Luxury Collectors Travel  Case
Carp Koi Pendant
Carp Koi Bead
Leopard Spots Kit
Leopard Mom Bead
Leopard Spots Bead
My Sweet Bear Bead
Time to Fly Bracelet
Mix of Beauty Kit
Endless Universe Kit
Love & Care Bead

Love & Care Bead

$75 $37.50
Round Green Onyx Facet Bead
Round Green Calcite Facet Bead
Round Green Chalcedony Facet Bead
Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead
Round Feldspar Moonstone Facet Bead
Dreams of Love Necklace
Leaves of Protection Studs
Leaves of Love Studs
Leaves of Harmony Studs
Trinity of the Heart Bead
Cradle of Heart Bead
Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
Bird's Nest Bead
Power Flower Bead
Jester's Hat Bead
Daisy Chance Bead
Our Melody Bead
Daisy Spacer
Theatre of Life Bead
Lovesong Bead
Music Note Bead
Fresh Beginnings Bead
Daisy Clasp
Clasp of New Beginnings
Clasp of the Heart
Symphonies Kit
Pink Symphony Bead
Emerald Symphony Bead