Surprise, Surprise! Jono Drops the Prices Again!

There, in the distance… a familiar sound…

It’s the tinkle of tiny and precious Trollbeads being dropped down, down, down. Jono’s done it again – dropped the prices, that is!

He’s a clumsy guy, but lucky for you! For four days only, Jono’s antics are bringing you brilliant deals to make the most of the mess.

First up: He’s got 3 for FREE!

That’s right - we’re offering gifts!

💫 Spend $100 and receive Third Eye!

💫 Spend $200 and you’ll also receive the Trollbeads Day 2015 bead!

Trollbeads Day 2015 - Bead/Link

💫 Spend $300 and you’ll receive the first two beads along with Ruby Falcon!

Ruby Falcon - Bead/Link

It’s a total gift value of $363 – the least we can do to apologise for the mess around here.

Collectors are going to have a field day. Join in the fun while you can, all purchases count so you can discover some treasures now!

Next up… New Specials just for you!

Wow, Jono. Amongst the sparkling chaos lies a perfectly splendid collection of treasures, all half-off – signature glass beads, sterling silver, gold, gemstones, and MORE.

There are 50 newly selected treasures now at 50% off. Discover them now!

And Finally – save even more with further markdowns!

Jono’s even dropping the prices on already marked-down treasures – save even more off previously discounted sale items - what will you discover?

Happy treasure hunting!

Love, Trollbeads Singapore x