What are bangles?

You may be wondering about the difference between Trollbeads bangles and our signature bracelet styles. While both are usually worn around the wrist, bangles have a different and distinct appearance from a bracelet. Bangles can be distinguished from bracelets based on a number of factors including origin, flexibility and the wearer.

Where bracelets are usually flexible and come with a clasp to attach them around your wrist, bangles are a circular body ornament that lack a closure, meaning they have to be slipped on over the hand. Bangles are also usually made from inflexible materials, meaning they have a rigid appearance. 

Bangles have their origins in Indian culture – the word ‘bangle’ comes from the Hindi word ‘bangri’ meaning ‘coloured ornaments’. Bangles have been traced back to early 2600 BC, evidenced in a prehistoric bronze sculpture named the Dancing Girl who was adorned with bangles up her arms. 

The bangle has cultural significance in Hindi culture, with brides wearing a rainbow of differently hued bangles to represent good luck, fertility, prosperity and good fortune in her marriage for years to come. 

If you’re looking for a new piece of statement jewellery, look no further than a Trollbeads bangle treasure! Their vibrant appearance adds flair to any look.