Types of jewellery

There are so many different types of jewellery that Trollbeads lovingly creates for you to choose from! No matter your personality or signature style, there is sure to be something to love with our wide and gorgeous variety of treasures. Read on to find out more about all the types of jewellery on offer at Trollbeads Australia:

Silver jewellery: Silver is such a nifty and adaptable metal, with a beautiful subtle shine that suits a huge range of styles. Simply stunning jewellery begins with our remarkable sterling silver beads.

Gold and gold-plated jewellery: Gold is a wonderful, eye-catching material with a valuable and delicate nature. What could be more luxurious? Your jewellery will glow with gold beads

Copper jewellery: Copper is a beautiful salmon-hued metal with a signature gleam. The Trollbeads world of jewellery surprises and delights. Copper beads brighten your favourite piece.

Glass jewellery: Trollbeads glass jewellery styles are handmade from exquisite Italian Murano glass. This vibrant and gorgeous material is surprisingly durable and can come in an infinite range of incredible designs. Brighten your jewellery collection with high-quality glass beads in a rainbow of colours and stunning shapes.

Gemstone jewellery: Many Trollbeads styles include sparkling precious or semi-precious gemstones, glowing with natural beauty and radiance. Take your time and discover the enchantment of Trollbeads gemstones.

Pearl jewellery: Pearls have been used as a stunning natural gem in jewellery for generations. Their soft, lustrous glow is one-of-a-kind and promises unmatched sophistication. Pearl beads glimmer like moonlight, caught in the tears of mermaids.

Amber jewellery: Amber is a rare and treasured gemstone, made of fossiziled pine tree resin from millions of years ago. Take your jewellery to the next level. Enter the enchanting world of ancient Amber beads.

Leather jewellery: Leather bracelets are effortlessly chic. Enhance your jewellery collection with adaptable leather, and let it add an easy and impactful edge to your daily look.